Big Pads – advances in the education sector

If you’ve ever been in a classroom or attended a business meeting, you’ll be familiar with the whiteboard – sometimes little more than a mirror image of the old-fashioned blackboard.

Things have come a long way since then, of course. Thanks to modern technology, the whiteboard converted to a large computer screen and, connected to a PC, laptop or projector, became interactive.

But development has not stopped there. Several years ago now, the electronics company Sharp created the Big Pad – significantly expanding the interactive capabilities and quality of the whiteboard, so that it behaved just like a giant tablet or smartphone hung on the wall.

The Big Pad in use

Big Pads are large interactive touchscreens, wirelessly connected to the internet and capable of being connected to other devices – from PCs to laptops, or tablets to smartphones.

Providing the ultimate in interactive solutions, the Big Pad may provide the focus for a whole classroom of students, with up to 50 wirelessly connected devices, delivering a truly collaborative experience.

The present generation of school children –familiar with the tablet and smartphone – the Big Pad and its technology already appears like a second home. But with these new interactive display products, they can all be linked with what is being shown to the whole of the class. They are given a chance to engage with everyone in the room, by projecting whatever they draw, write or wish to present on the large touchscreen at the front of the room.

With access to their own images, videos, text and sound, the interactive whiteboard is immediately familiar, user-friendly and easy to use. It gives full rein to the creativity and imagination of every participant – whether in the classroom or boardroom.

Everything you need

The Big Pad may be the last word in interconnectivity, but it is also entirely self-contained – everything you need, hanging on the wall at the front of the class.

It does not need to be connected to any other device – such as the PC, laptop or projector used in the past – but may be used entirely independently.

The image remains crisp and sharp – and does not fade – over a life expectancy of a massive 50,000 hours of use. And since it consumes so little energy, it is cheap to run, too.


User-friendliness allows everyone to participate. Content is not limited to whatever is beamed from a projector – the projector may become largely redundant when so many other interactive devices may be wirelessly connected to the giant screen at the front of the room.

Having taken so easily to the interactive solutions afforded by the Big Pad, your class is likely to want to recap or to move on from where they left off in the last lesson.

Keeping the record of past collaborative efforts is simply done by just wirelessly recording the work from the Big Pad or saving it to a USB stick – call it up again the next lesson and you can all resume from exactly where you left off. If you need a hard copy from any key parts of the lesson, these can be just as easily printed off through a wirelessly connected printer.

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