Business Printing – Reducing your Print Costs

Is your company spending more than necessary on it’s printing costs?

Before you consider how to reduce business printing altogether, it is probably helpful to look at just what you are getting for your money – what does your spending on printing achieve?

At first sight, the results of any such cost benefit analysis might seem less than encouraging. According to an article in Business Insider on the 15th of May 2018, for example, advertisers – one of the principal investors in the printed media – spend nearly as much of their budgets on printed advertising as they do on web advertising. And this when consumers spend considerably longer periods of time browsing the internet than they do reading newspapers or magazines.

If your object is to get your message across to the greatest number as possible, it might seem that printing is not the best way to do it.

But perhaps advertisers know something you don’t? Before you throw the baby out with the bathwater by slashing your print jobs to the barest minimum, therefore, consider the following:


  • Consumers and others you intend to reach trust printed media more than the electronic media, according to recent reports cited by Business Insider

Business forms

  • That is one of the reasons many enterprises continue to use printed business forms to gather essential information and to supply services to their customers
  • Online forms may be gaining ground, but for many purposes – including legal requirements – a printed document is still necessary


  • A shift back towards printed documents and communications might also be prompted by the introduction of new data protection, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect from the 25th of May 2018
  • GDPR was introduced to prevent consumers receiving unsolicited or specifically authorised emails and SMS messages – in other words, consumers need to give their explicit permission before receiving emails and electronic communications
  • Postal communications of printed documents and material, however, requires no such prior permission

Smarter printing

  • What has really turned the tide and allowed you both to continue current levels of producing hard copies of documents and other material and at the same time reduce business printing costs is the steady improvement in smarter printing
  • That is where you might draw on the innovative solutions developed by us here at Direct-tec – helping you to revolutionise your office practices, not necessarily reducing the volume of your printed output, but making that printing altogether much smarter
  • With the help of our innovative systems, you may continue to produce whatever printed volume your business requires, but in a way that is designed to save you time and money and to allow you to play your part in finding environmentally sustainable solutions
  • By saving you time spent on such business processes, Direct-tec’s copy, print and document production solutions also save money on the energy you consume – so, further reducing your carbon footprint
  • With software that incorporates energy-saving routines to cut waste to the minimum and recyclable or biodegradable laser toner cartridges and photocopier cassettes, our products give pride of place to your environmental concerns.

If you are looking to reduce your business printing costs, without impairing the role that printed materials continue to play in your office practices, why not invest in smarter printing technology from Direct-tec? Click here to request further information.

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