Borehole Project

Direct-tec are supporting the Toshiba Tec mission of offsetting the carbon emissions produced by their MFP’s to make them “Carbon Zero”.

The carbon emissions from these machines are then offset through a selection of projects like the Kenyan Energy Stove Project and the Ugandan Borehole Project.

Feedback from a recipient of the newly rehabilitated boreholes in Uganda thanks to the work from Direct-tec; Joyce Acio, a 47 year old widow and a resident of Adekirwai Village, Abukamola says “we used to get worms in the water which were reddish in colour and had along tails. Whenever it rained our old water source would get flooded hence causing us more work of digging the water source again.

At this time, water could not be fetched by young children because it was deep for them. In addition we had health problems as well.

There were serious complaints of stomach problems as we used to share the same water source with the animals and some people used to bathe in that water source. Water was scarce and hard to collect especially during the dry season.”

Since Direct-tec have been selling these Carbon Zero machines these residents have seen a massive improvement in the way they can now live.

“The water from the borehole which is a short distance away, is very clean, very sweet and easy to pump. It serves a big number of people without getting finished. The colour of that borehole water does not change even if it rains or in the morning compared to the former water source.

We have no complaints of stomach problems especially since the borehole water is treated occasionally. We parents also confidently allow our children to fetch water since its secured and are also glad that we do not share water with animals any more. As a result of this initiative less firewood is used hence saving time and firewood.”