Heath Mount Preparatory School

A uniformed fleet and an introduction of specialist software solutions create cost savings and more control for this School.

An independent day and boarding school for children aged 3 to 13 years. It was founded over 200 years ago and is one of Britain’s oldest preparatory schools.

It provides a unique educational environment where imaginations are encouraged to run free in order to create future experiences. It’s IT Manager Ian Cannonier was appointed to help fulfil this goal; one aspect was arranging the implementation of a suitable print solution to cover all school departments.

Having already been familiar with UTAX Partner, Direct-tec and their capabilities at providing an efficient print solution, so when a print solutions review meeting was due they had no hesitation in asking the company back.

Further analysis of this school’s needs and current work-place practices established that they were significantly over spending; creating increased and unnecessary print jobs – resulting in high wastage of both money and time.

At the heart of this growing problem was that top tier staff had little management over printing throughout the establishment and IT employees were spending increasing amounts of time dealing with cross supplier devices and less time on their normal day to day duties.

We carried out a TCO survey based on the amount spent on toners and the estimated volume, as we took reading from printers and etc but did not know how long they had been in place. A schools infrastructure plan often changes as a result of circumstantial requirements, rather than through planned change. As a result Direct-tec advised them to look at their existing Total Cost of Ownership in order to evaluate their overall expenditure. The outcome indicated that it made sense to change their existing document management infrastructure to one fleet of machines rather than cross supplier solutions.

Direct-tec recommended that scanners, printers and copiers were replaced with 30 UTAX A4 CLP3630 colour printers. Why was this recommended solution?  Simon Riley quote” I chose the 3630 as it was the best value in terms of hardware cost and running cost on mono and colour.

The advised solution for the overall management of printing and increased security was the installation of PaperCut’s Follow-Me-Printing software application.

Papercut is a print management application, which is simple to install and use. It enables users to eliminate waste, encourage economical usage of print devices and make individuals or departments accountable for their usage. The application includes embedded software that runs on copiers/ MFPs to enable tracking, control and secure print release directly from the device control panel. The ability to implement quotas and restrict where and when mono, colour and duplex printing can take place has been proven to facilitate significant cost savings.

In this particular instance staff members were provided with a card as part of the Papercut package, which allows them and dedicated users to release their print jobs. This solution enables better monitoring of all printing and copying and also results in lower usage of toner and paper, creating an end result of an overall reduction in overall expenditure.