Langley Park School for Boys

Situated in the Kent town of Beckenham and recognised for the quality of its teaching and for the academic excellence of its 11-16 year old pupils, it has carved out an enviable reputation as one of the country’s foremost seats of learning.

With 200 staff and in excess of 1,600 pupils its previous building lacked the space and facilities the School required, so Bromley Council granted it £32.3m as part of the Building Schools for the Future programme. The money went towards a schedule of work that involved a complete rebuild of the School on the site of its old rugby field.

The new school offers accessible, high quality printing, scanning and copying facilities which are a vital part of any modern educational establishment. Leanne Dundee is its Media Resource Manager, and comments, ‘The new building has a completely different design and internal layout from the old one, so we wanted to reconfigure the reprographics function in order to reduce the burden of having a central facility. Our plan involved siting multifunction products (MFPs) in strategic parts of the building, so that access to them for staff and pupils could be increased.’

Based in nearby Westerham, Direct Tec is an independent supplier of total office solutions, offering nationwide service and support. Leanne contacted   Richard Price, Direct Tec’s account manager, and invited the company to tender for the project. Richard says, ‘We pride ourselves on our approach, which is to ascertain what our clients are seeking to achieve, establish their requirements, and then provide appropriate devices. After discussing the various options we decided that nineteen 55ppm colour MFPs would offer the most suitable solution.’

Richard felt that Toshiba TEC UK Imaging Systems’ e-STUDIO MFPs would tick all the boxes. Jeremy Spencer, Toshiba TEC’s marketing director, explains, ‘The e-STUDIO colour system is a comprehensive control centre for a modern and efficient digital document workflow. Its embedded e-BRIDGE technology enhances workgroups and departments with applications that go beyond the scope of classic print, scan, copy and fax. Its flexibility made it the perfect choice for this school and the MFPs have also been configured with booklet finishers and hole punchers.’

One of the ‘must have’ software features demanded by this school was the PaperCut print management solution, which allows the tracking of printing, copying and scanning activities by user, device or department. By collecting data via a print server; it lets the School’s administrators monitor usage patterns and costs, and take appropriate action when necessary. The ability to implement quotas and restrict where and when mono, colour and duplex printing can take place has been proven to facilitate significant cost savings.

Excess printing is a huge financial burden on educational institutions and the majority of paper waste occurs from users printing to a device and then forgetting, or simply not bothering, to collect their documents. Richard explains, ‘By utilising an embedded web browser feature, PaperCut allows print jobs to be activated from a hold/release queue when the user is at any available e-STUDIO MFP on the network. This functionality can lead to an overall waste paper reduction of up to 30 per cent and also decreases the amount of consumables – such as ink and toner – that are used.’

Although providing the ultimate MFP technology is at the heart of what it does, Toshiba TEC also takes its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) seriously. As well as being ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited, the company adopts a sustainable approach to the design, manufacture and use of its products. Recycled plastic in exterior panels, an internal toner recycling system, reduced power consumption and compact designs all enhance the sustainable qualities of its products.

This education institute is equally committed to sustainability, so finding out that it could further reduce its carbon footprint with its new MFPs was an additional bonus.

The e-STUDIO MFPs form part of Toshiba TEC’s pioneering Carbon Zero scheme, which ensures that any CO2 produced during their manufacture and supply is entirely offset. ‘We do all we can to help our customers identify and fulfil their objectives in this area,’ states Spencer. ‘The scheme not only leads the way in environmental responsibility but improves the lives of those in some of the world’s poorest regions.’

One such initiative that the company is currently involved in is the African Energy Efficient Stove project, which supplies domestic stoves that cut the use of firewood by more than half. Each cooker typically avoids three tonnes of CO2 emissions every year – equivalent to the emissions produced by an average UK car doing 9,000 miles a year.

The sustainability message presented by Toshiba TEC and Direct Tec was particularly powerful and this education institute is planning to take a group of its students to Kenya to visit the stove projects that their offset MFPs have contributed to.

‘Our new Toshiba TEC MFPs perfectly complement our brand new state-of-the-art facilities and the benefits experienced by everyone who works and studies here have been tremendous,’ concludes Leanne.  ‘What’s more, we have been thoroughly impressed by the flexibility of solutions that are available to us. The fact that they also helps us meet our environmental objectives is the icing on the cake.’