Managed Print Services

Reduce waste. Reduce costs. Improve your business.

As far as some essential business processes are concerned, you might ask yourself why you are devoting your own precious time, money and resources in running them, when an outside, entirely independent contractor is likely to do a better job at it – at a fraction of the cost.

This is the principle behind managed print services – and a particular strength of ours here at Direct-tec.

What's Involved?

Some of the typical features that are provided by an external agent commissioned to manage and optimise a company’s managed print services generally start with an assessment of all the printing needs of the business. Then:

  • There follows a selective or overall replacement and overhaul of the printing system’s hardware and the commissioning of the necessary software to run it.
  • Contracts typically provide for the servicing and supply of parts and materials needed to operate the new and existing hardware.
  • Throughout the contract period, the managed print services provider also monitors and reviews the performance of the printers, faxes, copiers and multi-functional devices.
  • Through a process of continuous monitoring and review, operational problems are identified and user satisfaction evaluated.

Direct-tec Services

Any business in pursuit of significant growth needs to change its processes and systems.

Managing change means recognising the limits of your own business resources and recognising when an independent external agent may deliver the new skills and talents you need at a competitive price.

The managed print services offered by us here at Direct-Tec are designed to play precisely that role as part and parcel of the change management of your business.

Optimise Your Business Printing Needs and Setup

As your business has evolved, you have probably relocated some of your printers, installed new ones and ditched old ones. The changes may have resulted in conflicts between the ways in which different hardware is used – it may become increasingly difficult to keep track of the most efficient, optimal use of your printer network.

As part of our managed print services, therefore, we aim to ensure that your printer setup is correctly configured, that it is regularly updated and that you have enough of the appropriate devices across your network.


We do not wait for something to break down before we know it needs fixing and maintaining. Our managed print service uses smart software that not only schedules regular maintenance tasks but also helps to identify when problems and issues are likely to arise – before they happen and disrupt your tight business schedules.

Managing Supplies

As important as regular maintenance is the management of the supplies you need to run your business printing requirements – we look after everything from basic ink and toner cartridges to spare parts and supplies for every type of multi-functional device.

Keeping You in the Picture

Managed print services do not mean that you are kept in the dark about the way your printing systems are being used. Comprehensive management reporting ensures that you are always in the picture on the deployment of devices, their configuration, the workflow and environmental impacts of your printing, scanning, copying, and faxing.

Managed print services may provide the solution you need as your business progresses through the changes that help it to grow. By calling in the experts and specialists to do the job, it saves you from having to divert valuable resources to servicing your business printing needs, where those human and material resources might be better deployed elsewhere.

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