Our Service

The steps we take to keep you up and running

Our dedicated response team monitor and manage all of your equipment remotely on a real-time basis, meaning problems rarely occur. But when more complex issues do arise, here are the steps we take to solve them:

Fault diagnosis

Our technicians visit and connect their laptops or hand-held devices directly to your equipment. They then perform a diagnosis that feeds back data relating to the product failure. Typically, they have relevant parts with them so can perform an immediate repair on-site.

Our average on-site service response time is just 2 hours 55 minutes, and once the fix is made our technician will check other parts and replace any that show signs of wear and tear.

Preventative maintenance

We perform preventative maintenance on your equipment at regular intervals, based on the information our remote response team has built up. This preventative work has helped us to achieve average machine uptimes of 99.8%.

Online support

You can add dedicated online or telephone support to your account, to ensure rapid response times and minimal downtime.  We can also arrange network support for print controllers, scanners and fax systems, and onsite comprehensive cover.

Other support options include:

  • Spare parts stocking at your site with multi-machine placements
  • Bespoke service arrangements for major accounts
  • Weekend or evening service cover available upon request

Reliability guarantee

Should any product not perform to the manufacturer’s standards, your guarantee ensures it’s replaced for a model of equal or greater value. This guarantee is included as standard when we supply any product to your company or organisation.