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Whatever happened to the once much-vaunted paperless office? Perhaps it all turned out to be more of a dream than a reality.

The paperless office

An article in Engineering and Technology on the 12th of December 2017, included the reminder that as far back as 1975 the magazine Business Week was predicting a future in which the silver screens of computers, electronic keyboards and digital storage of information would replace our traditional reliance on a paper-based hard copy.

While there has been a revolution in our use of electronic technology – whether in the office, at home and even travelling to and fro between the two places – it is impossible to get away from it.

But the typical office desk pays testament to the reality that business printing is very much alive and well – printed forms abound, business cards are still needed, a huge volume of hard-copy marketing materials is still used, and workers merrily print off emails and agendas for meetings.

What changed?

The Paperless Project has estimated that the use of paper has actually increased during the past twenty years from 92 million tons to 208 million tons (an increase of more than 125%). So what has changed?

The drivers that were to have led to the paperless office are no less compelling than they were four decades ago:


  • printing paper forms and documents takes time;
  • even as electronic technology helped reduced the manpower required to input the information needed to produce hard copies, much time was expended actually printing the documents required – and time is money, runs the convincing business case;


  • it is not just time, of course, but the materials needed to generate the traditional mountains of paperwork;
  • people need to be paid, and money needs to be spent on the purchase of supplies of paper, inks and other media;


  • a growing concern has also been the environmental impact of a continued reliance on paper-based business operations;
  • according to the Paperless Project once again, the United States alone fells more than 65 million trees each year to produce paper and paper goods.

Smarter business printing

What has revolutionalised office practice, and combined the need for just as much printed matter as the necessity for keeping abreast of all technological advances, is smarter business printing.

Here at Direct-Tec, we aim to steal a march on the competition by delivering business printing solutions which join your current needs for hard copies of every type of document, note and marketing material with cutting edge production techniques.

These are solutions which continue to deliver just as much printed paper as your business processes require, yet at the same time saving you time and money, whilst respecting your concerns for environmental sustainability.

Our print, copy and document solutions are designed to save you the time spent on business printing, the energy consumed – and, with it, the money spent, by reducing your carbon footprint.

Our software incorporates energy-saving approaches designed to cut waste to the minimum and even our laser toner cartridges and photocopier cassettes are intended to be easily recyclable or biodegradable.

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