Smarter printing solutions

Few areas within Information Technology have shown such radical evolution over a relatively short period of time as has been the case with printers.

That process continues with some of the latest arriving in the marketplace, showing revolutionary characteristics and smarter printing solutions overall.


Once upon a time, printers were vast devices that sat in an organisation’s machine room.

Usually driven by some version of impact technology (i.e. a hammer hitting a print ribbon and through that a piece of paper behind it) they were often thunderously noisy and prone to breakdowns. Changing stationery was often something akin to a black art requiring a specialist to “make it so”!

Those days are now largely, though not necessarily totally, gone.

Today the vast majority of printing in organisations is done on small, near silent and locally situated printers which use some variation on either laser or inkjet transfer technologies. Changing stationery is often more of a software issue than a physical paper-change though if special stationery loading is required it’s typically something done in a matter of seconds.
Yet if we’ve already come a long way, things are still evolving.

New demands

In today’s enterprises, business leaders are demanding three things from their printing solutions:

  • Acceptable environmental characteristics typically showing reduced energy consumption and a more efficient use of whatever form of consumables are used for the printing process itself. This is reflecting client demand, government targets and of course personal conviction
  • Flexibility in operation. Printers now need to be capable of printing across both local and global networks from the other side of the planet if necessary
  • Reduced unit cost in production terms

Delivering on expectations

The industry is rising to meet these challenges.

As we reported in our article entitled Reducing your business costs, some of the latest printers are 88% more energy-efficient than their immediate predecessors of just a few years ago. That is both a green credential and of course an important potential cost-saving one too.

Selecting from the latest generation of printers such as the new inkjets might also typically yield major benefits. For example, some studies have indicated that companies using such devices may be able to achieve savings of 96% on their printing energy consumption, 98% on their maintenance and waste levels may also be reduced by as much as 99%.

Developing a printing strategy

Of course, it’s sometimes tempting for companies to adopt a do-nothing approach. That is sometimes justified under the old wisdom of “if it isn’t broke, don’t try and fix it”.

However, some of the savings potentially available through the use of the latest printing technology are so significant that they may offer a relatively straightforward cost-justification case.

Developing a printing strategy for your organisation would be a sensible solution. That essentially looks at what you’re printing, where and why. It also means looking at your existing cost-to-produce for printed output and then looking at alternative options for doing the same – only more efficiently, more cleanly and at a lower-cost.

In other words, through smarter printing solutions.

At Direct-Tec we are expert providers of printing solutions and are more than happy to assist you with analysing the variables and considering the imperatives for change in a given situation.