Toshiba Scanning Solutions

It is true to say, of course, that we live in a digital age. But there are still many occasions – especially if you have any interface or interaction with members of the public or public bodies – when hard copies of documents are not only preferred, but frequently required.

That means investing in parallel, interconnected systems, capable of both scanning to digitalise documents received and printing hard copies for public or government consumption.

Toshiba scanning solutions

Your solution to these twin objectives may be combined in a single machine from a wide range of Toshiba scanning solutions.

Choose from Toshiba’s Studio range of ten different photocopier/scanners that start with an entry-level A3 colour system offering excellent value for money, up to a state of the art, fully customisable and multifunctional A3 system capable of producing output at speeds of up to 75 ppm in colour and 85 ppm in monochrome.

Public sector demands

Public demand in the UK – and across Europe as a whole – is for fast, readily accessible, personalised delivery of services. In order to meet that demand, any solution must be capable of digitising all manner of paperwork that is received and processing it rapidly and securely.

In return, many of those citizens have expressed a preference for hard copies of the documents and other paperwork they need from public bodies.

Traditionally within the public sector, that toing and froing of paper-based processes creates a bottleneck which conspire against the delivery of solutions which are in the best interests of the citizens they are designed to serve.

Cutting edge document scanning and printing solutions

The answer, for many working in the public sector, calls for innovative, cutting-edge printing and document scanning solutions.

Here are just a few of the situations in which Toshiba scanning solutions may be deployed:


  • High-quality digital scanners may be the answer to preserving valuable collections of books, documents and national archives
  • Digitising not only helps to preserve paper records and those on other materials that are vulnerable to degradation but also reduces the amount of storage space required
  • Digital access to rare or fragile documents and texts reduces their exposure to the risks of public viewings, whilst hard copy may be produced at the touch of a button

National Health Service

  • NHS trusts and GPs’ practices may also make much-needed economies through document scanning solutions to rationalise and streamline the mountain of paperwork that typically needs to be processed
  • Patients’ notes, consultants’ referral letters and outcome updates may all be scanned for digital record-keeping and ready retrieval – digitally or as hard copy

Universities and schools

  • Practically every educational institution – from primary school to university – may make use of scanning solutions to digitise and analyse data from diverse sources
  • Artwork produced by school pupils, for example, is difficult to store and attempts to photograph the work is time-consuming and the results are typically poor quality
  • Scanning provides a fast and efficient way of capturing, storing and retrieving such work
  • In universities, too, the collection, scanning and digitisation of feedback from students on the quality of tuition has also proved efficient and cost-effective.

Document scanning solutions using any of the range of Toshiba’s latest generation of machines, therefore, may provide the answers to many of the needs of any organisation handling large volumes of both digital and hard-copy data.

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